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District Chair- Gary Eaton

District Vice Chair- 

District Vice Chair- 

District Commissioner- 

 District Executive- Micah Bunce


Get excited for our Beneath the Sea Twilight Camp!

What is Twilight Camp?

Cub Scout Twilight Camp is an evening, fun filled experience that offers opportunities for all levels of Cub Scouting to participate in activities that are designed to build mental fitness, physical skills, and character. It is also A-LOT OF FUN!!!!

When & Where?

Friday May 31- Sunday June 2

Lakewood Discovery Center & Central Kansas Flywheels Yesteryear Museum

What will my Cub Scout do at Camp?

Twilight Camp has a variety of age-appropriate games and sports, crafts, and other activities that will help your Cub have a Scouting Adventure! This year will include archery, B.B. Guns, crafts, Beneath the Sea theme related activities, STEM, and much more.
Contact Information:

Any questions regarding Camp should be directed to:

Kelsey Walker

Triconda Senior District Executive                  785-827-4461 ext 205

Click HERE to register.


What is the Triconda Dropbox?
  • The Dropbox is an online folder with valuable information and forms for any leader in the Triconda District. Inside you will find all of the materials distributed at the Program Planning Conference, and we will continue to upload pertinent information as it becomes available. If you are a Leader or Commissioner in Triconda, take a few minutes and look through what we have in there!


Thank you for all you do for Scouting and we look forward to hearing from all of the Triconda District!

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