What’s the Venture Program?

The 16-year-old Venturing program is undergoing major changes that put the focus on “progressive experiences in the focus areas of Adventure, Leadership, Service and Personal Growth”. Venturing, a high-adventure program for young men and women who are at least 14 (or 13 and finished with the eighth grade) and younger than 21, has seen just 0.66 percent of Venturers earn any awards during its history. That explains the need for fresh, new awards, which were developed and tested among youth participants in the program, adult volunteers, human resource recruiters and college admissions counselors, using focus groups and quantitative research.

Venture Scout Awards

Each time you complete an accomplishment or learn a new skill, you will be rewarded. Sometimes the reward is a loop for your belt, a pin, or a patch. Sometimes it is a smile on your parents’ faces to see you grow and learn.

Venturing Rank

Discovery Rank

Pathfinder Rank

Summit Rank

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