Event Registration Resources

Wanting To Attend A Scout Event?

This resource page will show you how to register an account with Coronado Council’s event registration software, how to sign up for events, and options available to both parents and unit leaders. 

Coronado Council’s Camps

Reserve at Camp Brown Here

Reserve at Camp Hansen Here

Parent Guides For Event Registration

Account Creation

After going to the respective camp’s event registration page, the first step is account creation. The video guide will aid in this, walking you through the process step-by-step. It’s important to note you don’t need an account to sign up for events, but doing so will help track past event attendance, which can help in advancement verification. 

How To Register

With or without an account, this two-part video guide will give you a full walkthrough of how to sign up for events. 

Part 1

Part 2

Parent Portal Guide

Does your youth have food allergies? Parent Portal is where you can edit information about your youth after registering for an event, like course selection and emergency contacts. 

Unit Guides For Event Registration

Roster Management

Keep track and update your roster easily with the managing roster tools available. This video walkthrough will show you how to upload rosters and change their details as needed. 

Parent Portal Set Up Guide

Parent Portal is vital in streamlining a unit’s event registration process. Giving certain access to parents allows them to provide information regarding their youth, like food allergies.