Your All-in-One Scouting Resource Hub

From just joining scouting to starting a new position to participating with your committee to simply new parents, look no further than Coronado Council’s All-in-One Resource hub. Here you can find video walkthroughs for BSA’s major applications, like training, roster management, and unit recharter. 


The central account to everything, My.Scouting.Org is where your account credentials for all other Cub Scout and Scouting BSA software are found. After making an account here, you can find links to training, advancement, and much more. Check out BSA’s video walkthrough of the My.Scouting.Org for account creation. 

Training and Courses

Containing over 400 courses, is where you can find ANY scouting training. From assigned work for new positions to learning plans to entire program courses, this resource is essential to the scouting experience. Some trainings of note are youth protection training, Cub Scout and Scouts BSA position learning plans, and committee board guides. To find this resource, go to your My.Scouting.Org account, then training. There you’ll find the catalog where 400+ courses are stored. Or, check out BSA’s dedicated YPT page here. 

Safety Resource Hub:

Guide to Safe Scouting

Scoutbook For Parents

Acting as the central hub that links to all the BSA resources, Scoutbook is where parents go to manage their youth’s progression. From tracking advancement, positions, and payments, parents can record all their youths activates. BSA’s video walkthrough shows you how to access these diverse resources so you can enhance your scouting experience. For more information, go to the dedicated Scoutbook Parent tutorial

Internet Advancement For Unit Leaders

With Scoutbook being where parents go to manage their youth, Internet Advancement is where den leaders and scoutmasters go to manage their respective units. From recharter, roster management, and advancement, this BSA resource is where leaders can formalize the activities being tracked by parents and youth in their Scoutbook. Great for making sure awards are verified and badges ordered before your next court of honor! For more information regarding unit internet advancement resources, check out the Getting Started page here.

Still Need Help? 

The videos before give a great introduction to Scoutbook and Internet Advancement, but they only scratch surface of resources available. Scoutbook’s help page provides streamlined access to any needed resource regarding these softwares. 

Coronado Council Black Pug Registration

A non BSA resource, Black Pug is Coronado Council’s software for event registration. Either a weekend event at Camp Brown or summer camp at Camp Hansen or renting a camp for non-scout events, all registration is completed here. For help in event registration, go to our dedicated event registration resource page

Additional Resources