What Are Hansen’s Tech Center Programs? 

The Dane G. Hansen Scout Reservation Technology Center is a facility designed to educate scouts in various technical skills and trades through hands-on learning and practical applications. Participants have the opportunity to work on real-world projects, gaining valuable experience and the chance to earn merit badges in their respective areas of interest.


The mechanics bay has a car lift, tire balancing machine, and a machine to remove and install tires on the wheel. Scouts can earn the Automotive Maintenance and Farm Mechanics merit badges.


The digital technology bay teaches participants several different subjects from digital tech to electronics to robotics. We have computers, iPads, laser engravers, robots, 3D Printer, and electronic kits for participants to use and learn about STEM concepts. We also have RC cars for participants to use if they want to do something a little different while visiting Camp Hansen. Scouts can earn Digital Technology, Electronics, and Robotics merit badges.


The welding bay has Lincoln Electric 6 Mig welding stations, 4 oxy acetylene cutting stations, and a plasma CAM table. The welding bay also has appropriate ventilation and safety gear for participants to use while welding. Scouts can earn Welding merit badge.


The electrical bay has the ability to teach participants how to wire just about any project possible. From service boxes to wall outlets our electrical bay could teach all aspects of electricity repairs. Scouts can earn Electricity merit badges.


The plumbing bay has all the practical tools and situations needed to learn any applications for home repairs. We have the ability to teach how to install a toilet and sink. We can also teach how to sweat a pipe among other skills. Scouts can earn Plumbing and Home Repairs merit badges.


The carpentry bay has all the tools needed to make any wood project you would want. The participant will learn how to safely use all the basic power tools found in the usual carpenter’s woodworking shop. Safety equipment and rules will be taught before anyone starts any projects. Scouts can earn Woodworking merit badge.