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ScoutBook Resources

Scoutbook is a great place for parents to keep track of their kid’s scouting progress. It’s where you can see how they’re moving forward, what roles they’ve taken on, and even keep an eye on payments. With everything your child does in scouting, Scoutbook makes it easy to record and follow their activities. There’s a helpful video from the BSA that shows you how to find and use all these different resources, making your scouting experience even better. For more details and to discover other useful tools, make sure to visit our full resource hub page.

Scoutbook is the platform where parents handle their child’s scouting progress, while Internet Advancement is tailored for den leaders and scoutmasters to manage their units. This BSA resource supports activities like rechartering, managing rosters, and tracking advancements, ensuring that the efforts recorded by parents and youth in Scoutbook are formally recognized. It’s especially useful for verifying awards and ordering badges in time for your next court of honor. For more details on utilizing Internet Advancement for your unit, be sure to visit the full resource hub page.