Is Your Unit Ready for Recharter?

All units are required to renew their registration with Scouting each year. The process is to ensure all information regarding charter organizations, youth members, and adult leaders are updated, and that registration for the next year is paid. Additionally, by rechartering your unit, you help ensure the safety of the youth as all adult leaders must be current on the Youth Protection Training. 

Recharter Resources

For help going through the recharter process, check out Scout BSA’s dedicated video walkthrough and information page. Click Here to view those resources.

Practice Your Recharter

A Sandbox environment is now open for units to begin training on the new recharter system. This sandbox will allow the unit to “test” the recharter process before actually committing the actions permanently in the recharter system beginning. To access, units will enter the same usernames they would normally use to access or My.Scouting

Click Here to access the sandbox environment.