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What We Do

2018 Corporate Pinewood Derby

Time is fast approaching for the Konza District Corp Pinewood Derby.

Last years event was a great event, this year’s event will be even more fun.

This year we have added an Outlaw Class. Build either a standard pinewood derby car or be an Outlaw and come up with something to show everyone up.

Are you signed up yet? Now is the time to get signed up and to pick up your Pinewood Derby cars.

This year we are hosting some workshops to help those in need of some tools and pointers.

Our first workshop will be May 11th at the BriggsAuto GMC Service Drive Area.

The workshop will start at 6:30 with a quick Speed Tip session, after that it is open till 8pm.

We will have most of the tools you will need to cut out your car and prep for painting. We will also have some wheel and axel prep stations.

On May 25th we will be hosting the 2nd Workshop Evening. We will be more focused on axle and wheel prep, wheel alignment and more speed tips.

Are you needing to take your car to the track to see how it performs and what you need to fix, we will have the track setup for car testing at the May 25th workshop. Come see how your car performs on a single lane.

We would like to thank our Sponsors for permitting us to have such a great time; Briggs Auto, Steel & Pipe, Burnett Auto and many others!