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Picnic Tables for Camp Campaign

No doubt you are well aware camp will look a little different this summer. One of the aspects that will is how we are able to feed everyone. Given the need to space everyone, we find ourselves needing additional table space for mealtime. Thank you to Ed Ward from Troop 53 in Wakefield for offering an idea. He suggested every Pack and Troop be offered an opportunity to sponsor a table. The Pack or Troop can provide cash to pay for a table or donate a table that is in good condition. The table will be labeled with the Pack or Troop’s number and possibly hometown. We will also place the table in the adopted campsite of the Pack or Troop’s choosing after camp is over. For those who wish to donate cash for a table we are still working on what that cost would be. We will update you with that information once we find that out.  Your donation will go directly into the Camp Stewards fund for the camp of your choice and will be designated for table purchases. 

Thank you, Ed for this excellent idea!  We hope you think it is an excellent idea as well and will participate!