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Required Form To Participate in All Council and District Events

  Due to an overabundance of caution and concern for the welfare of participants and staff, the Coronado Area Council is asking all Scouts, Leaders, Parents, and siblings who are participating in a council or district event on council property, office or not, please fill out the Same Day Medical and Legal Document.  Please fill this out the day you are leaving for an event with your temperature taken and questions answered yes or no (check marks are acceptable).  Lastly, there is a signature line on the bottom of the first page confirming accurate information provided and a signature line on the third page releasing the council from legal action should a participant become ill from COVID-19.  
We ask if you answer yes to the questions on the first page you stay home.  We will provide you with a refund of your activity fee if you are feeling ill and stay home.  
We know everyone is ready to get outdoors and participate in Scouting activities.  We want to see you at camp or an activity as badly as you want to attend.  A Scout is Friendly, Courteous, and Kind which means if you are feeling ill please stay home!  Your cooperation is appreciated.

Same Day Medical and Legal Document

BSA Medical Form