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Investment In Character & Leadership

Hopefully by now you have heard the term Investment in Character & Leadership campaign or ICL.  Investment in Character & Leadership is our new name for what has previously been called Friends of Scouting or FOS.  We believe the change to ICL brings a better understanding to our donors of what they are giving to.  If you think about what the donation does, it truly is an investment in the character and leadership training we do with our Scouts.  Not only does it bring a better understanding to our campaign, it creates a call to action.  Now we are truly putting into words what we want our donors to do, that is to invest in our youth and their character and leadership training.

Nothing changes from FOS to ICL other than the name.  We will continue to conduct a family/ unit campaign and community campaign.  The family campaign will be the usual presenter visiting a Blue & Gold or Pack meeting for Cub Scouts and a Court of Honor for Scouts, BSA. 

In case you are not aware we have an updated recognition program for Family ICL.  The requirements are as follows:

         Unit must commit to the campaign and set a goal by February 1st  
(If you have not committed to the campaign and set a goal please get in touch with your district executive to complete this step. We will be flexible with this deadline.)
               Unit must designate a unit coordinator to work with the family presenter
Goal must be met by May 1st with pledges

  Recognition for your unit:

Meet your agreed upon goal you will received 50% off all rank advancements for one year (effective May 1)

Exceed your unit goal by 50% and receive 100% off all rank advancements for one year (effective May 1)

Double your unit goal and receive 1 free leader attend Boy Scout Resident Camp @ Camp Hansen or Cub Scout Resident Camp @ Camp Brown for the 2019 camping season.