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Name Change? What Name Change?

Name Change? What Name Change?

Take a look at the picture that accompanies this article, I found this shirt while digging through my Scouting memorabilia this weekend.  For many of you, that shirt looks pretty familiar.  The olive green no collar shirt used in the 60’s and 70’s.  My troop used that style shirt in the 80’s especially for those whose family didn’t have enough money for tan shirts when they were introduced. 

Take another look at the shirt.  Do you see what the name strip says?  Yep, does that sound similar to a name change we just announced?  Doesn’t sound to me like Scouts, BSA is that much of a name change given we used that on Scout shirts 50 or so years ago.  At that point we didn’t have girls in Exploring and Venturing hadn’t been thought of yet. 

So… from what I can tell we are just going back to a name we have always had in our organization.  Maybe just a refresh given the change in welcoming our newest members to the organization.

As we continue our preparation to welcome girls into our organization let’s remember the good times we had and what those could mean to a young lady and her future!

Kyle Smith

Scout Executive