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2018 Popcorn Prizes

2018 Popcorn Prizes

This year the Coronado Area Council is taking a different approach to Popcorn Prizes. After careful consideration and volunteer input we have elected to create our own prize system. With this decision we are not limited by a predetermined structure to what prizes we are able to offer. Team CAC is very excited to bring a better selection of top quality prizes to our scouts!

Prizes are already arriving at the Council Service Center. One of the prizes is a CRKT Eat’n Tools made out of stainless steel. Not only is this a spoon fork combo, it is also a bottle opener, screwdriver, and metric wrenches! Another prize that has arrived is Laptop Tablets with Detachable Keyboards! These have 11.5 inch displays with dual cameras and touchscreen.

We look forward to sharing all of the prizes and structure for the 2018 Popcorn sale at the Kickoffs!