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Apr 25, 2015
2015 KSU Merit Badge Conference

KSU Merit Badge Conference - Update 2/2/2015





About the Conference


The purposes of the K-State Merit Badge Conference and Target First Class are to: (a) provide Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venture Scouts with qualified instructors for advancement opportunities that can be earned, or partially earned, through the resources at K-State, including facilities, faculty, and equipment, and (b) orient Scouts to K-State. The Merit Badge Conference provides opportunities for Scouts in ranks Second Class through Eagle to work on merit badge requirements. Target First Class provides opportunities for Boy Scouts in ranks Scout through Second Class to work on rank requirements necessary for reaching the First Class rank.

Merit Badge Instruction and Counseling
  • Scouts will have the opportunity to receive instruction and counseling for two merit badges during a 3‑hour class period for each merit badge. One merit badge class may be taken in the morning and the other may be taken in the afternoon. University faculty and staff, who may be assisted by upper-class students or graduate students, will provide most of instruction and counseling.
  • Scouts will receive quality instruction and guidance in each class, but many merit badges have prerequisites that must be completed before the conference. If the prerequisite work is completed and presented to the adult leaders in the classroom, the Scout should be able to complete most merit badge requirements at the conference. If, however, the prerequisite work is not completed, the Scout will receive credit only for the requirements completed during the class. Any remaining requirements must be completed at home with the Troop Advancement Chair or another counselor. This guide includes a complete list of merit badges offered (Appendix 7) and the prerequisites that should be completed prior to attending the conference and those that will need to be completed independent of the MBC.


Target First Class Instruction

  • Scouts will receive quality instruction that pertains to advancement requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks. We will provide opportunities for scouts to complete the skills, but final approval advancement requirements rests within Troops.


Minimum Rank Requirements

  • Any registered Boy Scout can participate in the Merit Badge Conference. They must be at least First Class by January 1, 2015, to register for Eagle-required merit badges.
  • To participate in Target First Class, Scouts must be registered as a Boy Scout  Please note: No scouts are permitted to enroll in both a merit badge class and Target First Class. Younger Scouts are also encouraged to work on basic rank requirements at the Troop campsite, if their Troop is camping.


    Costs and Refunds

  • The registration fees include Saturday lunch, facilities, liability insurance, and program supplies for Scouts and adults registered for the Merit Badge Conference and Target First Class. All registered Scouts and adults in the Merit Badge Conference and Target First Class will receive a conference patch. Optional conference T-shirts must be ordered at time of registration.


Registration Fees (MBC & TFC):  

Early registration (March 22):     Scouts         $30.00             Adults  $ 15.00

Late registration (March 23 to April 5):              Scouts         $35.00             Adults  $ 20.00

T-shirt cost:     $15.00

·         Cancellations on or before April 5, 2015, will receive a full refund. All refunds must be requested in writing. No refunds will be processed after April 5, 2015. Scouts may be substituted for those not able to attend provided that class assignments do not change.



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